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Today’s passage is complex. Several different strands have been woven into it, all with their own main characters, their own movement and their own atmosphere. In our meditation we need to look at each strand individually and then, if we are so inclined, to see a link between them. It is first of all the story of the “landowner”, deeply grieved at the conduct of his tenants. His story is in four stages: - he cares lovingly for the vineyard (verse 33a); - he “leases” it (vs. 33b); - the tenants reject his messengers (vs. 34-38) - his angry response (vs. 40-41). The landowner represents us when we give our all as parents, teachers, church or other community leaders. He also represents the founders of religious orders, social movements or political parties. A time comes when we must all let go of our authority (“go abroad”) and entrust to others the people or causes we have served. The parable reminds us of the shock we experience when we learn that our trust has been betrayed. The landowner’s final response is told in a very significant way. Jesus invites his audience to finish the story for him, agrees with their verdict (implicitly) and so (also implicitly) invites us to agree with them both. The landowner’s response therefore is the model of what our spiritual tradition has called “righteous anger”.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Vacation Bible School

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